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Anti-Counterfeit Projects

Anti-Counterfeit Projects

Handling Anti-counterfeit projects do need a know-how in various areas of IP and specific business fields and must be absolutely customized.

We believe that it is not possible to take successful legal steps without being fully informed about all details on beforehand.

We are not one of the classical attorneys, “recommending to send a cease and desist letter” which can totally damage the whole upcoming legal strategy for a long time and the project can end at a point of no return.

Each step is important and must be fully investigated in order to create an individual legal strategy.

Before taking any steps we often know the scope of the network of infringers, the main manufacturers, distributors and grey market importers.

Timing and a good pre-work are essential in order to be successful in anti-counterfeit projects.

To adapt the necessary business oriented know-how is essential for attorneys handling such projects. Starting from the fashion industry up to the automotive industry only expertized attorneys are handling such projects within our team.

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