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Starting from filings up to the registration of trademarks, our firm handles a wide range of trademark services. Besides prosectution, Orbis Vista is authorized to represent its clients before the specialized IP courts in Turkey and handles all kind of IPR litigation cases.

Following services are offered:

National and International Filings
Identical/ Similarity Searches
Device Mark Searches
Watching Services
Oppositions & Appeals
Data Verification
Non-Use Cancellation Actions Before the Specialized IP Courts
Trademark Cancellation Actions Basing on Bad Faith
Anti-Counterfeit Projects
IP Investigations
Recordals of Changes
Due Diligence
Licensing, Assignments and Mergers


Important Remarks 

  • Any applications filed before the publication of the new law will enjoy the earlier regulations in force.
  • Trademark litigation allows for civil and/or criminal proceedings whereas civil proceedings are available for patent and design litigations.
  • Registered IP rights will not constitute a legitimate defense against any infringement claim brought by the owner of the earlier IP right.
  • The new intellectual property law introduces the “international exhaustion of rights principle”, thereby replacing the earlier “national exhaustion principle”.
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