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IP Investigations

IP Investigations

Orbis Vista is providing IP investigation services for the purpose of filing invalidation actions before the specialized IP courts, researching of counterfeit products in the scope of anti-counterfeit projects, freedom to operate analyses in order to enter the Turkish market with a product or trademark and similar situations.

The collection of information is essential before any legal steps and such reports can a) support any claims before the courts b) provide us with strong evidences which can be important c) save costs in case the situation is not as expected.

Such a report helps to create the best legal strategy, to estimate the chances of success in case of a possible lawsuit and is a strong tool in order to define the situation prior to any legal steps.

Especially before taking any legal steps concerning anti-counterfeit projects IP investigation concerning counterfeit products are necessary and essential. It is often not possible to act once the situation and scope is not clear.

Our comprehensive investigation reports are basically including following features:

  • Company visit by our professional investigators
  • Information about the stock of products
  • Executive Summary
  • Official Company Registers from Chamber of Commerce
  • Product samples (if available / product price will be charged extra)
  • Online Search via Turkish Websites
  • Company Inspection with photos (if possible) connected with a meeting as a customer
  • Inspection of suppliers of the products (if available)
  • A summary of all types of usage
  • Conclusion
  • Search of registered or identical domains
  • Legal comments and advice in respect to possible legal actions
  • The network list of sellers, grey market importers and manufacturers in respect to anti-counterfeit solutions

An investigation of use report is not obligatory, but highly recommended before some legal actions.

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