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Plant Breeder’s Rights

Plant Breeder’s Rights

Orbis Vista, represents its clients in all procedural and legal steps before Agricultural Ministry concerning plant breeder’s rights from filing to registration.

Plant Breeder’s Rights Act No: 5042 allows the plant breeders’ to legally protect new varieties of reproduced plants. It takes almost a year from application to publication stage depending on the documents completed and submitted at the time of filing or deficiencies detected. After publication of the variety, the national authority requests the plant materials for technical examination. If the applicant has DUS report already carried out by authorities entitled to act under UPOV Act, can still submit to the local authority. Once all the steps are successfully completed, the application will be approved for registration. The term of protection for new plant varieties is 25 years from the date of registration and it is 30 years for trees, grapevines and potatoes.

The Law No: 5042 relating with the Plant Breeder’s’ Right has entered into force on 15.01.2004. Upon adoption of this new protection type on November 18, 2007, Turkey became the 65th member of UPOV.


Following services are offered in plant breeder’s rights division;

National PBR Applications


Due Diligence



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