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Recordal of Changes & Due...

Recordal of Changes & Due Diligence

Pursuant to the new Turkish IP Law came into force on January 10, 2017, a change of address, legal entity and company name will be reflected in the entire IP portfolio of an applicant, which comprises trademarks, industrial designs, patents and utility models registered or pending in the name of the same owner. Therefore, submitting one petition and the necessary documents for one trademark will change all the records of the all the Turkish trademarks which belong to the same owner.

Attention is needed while evaluating IP portfolios for Turkey, because the Turkish Patent Office is caring a lot in order to mainatain an updated database and applicants details.


  • POA under the new name or address, simply signed
  • Certificate of incorporation or extract from the commercial register reflecting the change of name or address for recordal of changes

In case of any change in status of the owners, it’s necessary to make a detailed analysis, data verification and due diligence in order to make the relevant changes correctly before TPO.

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