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Search Services

Search Services

Orbis Vista is handling a large number of trademark searches in Turkey and is one of the first IP firms able to handle those searches since 2011.

Also trademark availability searches and identical searches, searches of competitors’ trademarks are handled with a high sensibility and profession by using a specialized search tool. Even if the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office decided not to publish the trademark details of newly filed trademarks until its publication in the official Turkish trademark bulletin, our office technically solved this problem and is able to search for newly filed national and international trademarks, too. Searching for unpublished trademarks is an important aspect, which is often totally changing the final conclusion, because it takes circa 3-4 months until a publication of newly filed trademarks. This is a high risk for companies considering to evaluate all risks in order to protect their rights and enter the Turkish market without violating prior IP rights.

Our search reports are including comments for each of found trademarks and a detailed list. All search reports are including comprehensive legal advices and recommendations by considering letter of consent solutions and risk assessment in respect to business oriented aspects.

Also brief online investigations of trademarks via Turkish websites, which have been classified as “High Risk” and registered since more than 5 years are a part of our search service. This is an essential information in order to consider invalidation actions based on non-use before the specialized IP courts in Turkey.

Patent and design searches are also available to see whether there is any prior right or a risk of a violation of third parties prior rights.

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