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Dilek Zeybel

Dilek Zeybel

Partner – Patent & Trademark Attorney

Dilek is one of the Managing Partners of Orbis Vista, especially responsible for clients in foreign countries in all areas of obtaining and enforcing IP rights.


Born in Germany, she visited a Catholic and famous Jewish high school and graduated with a first class degree from the University of Siegen as a B.A. in Literacy Cultural and Media Studies in Germany. In a phase of her high school life, Dilek completed her education at the Collége Georges Brassens Pontorson in France, to expand her speaking skills in French for more than one year.


During her university life, Dilek worked in one of Germany’s most popular public service television broadcasters WDR and several other media organizations.


After her study, with a focus on Media Law, she decided to enter a career in the IP branch.
Before joining Orbis Vista she worked as a Foreign IP Consultant in Trademark and Patent matters and on several Overseas development projects. Her focus was mainly the foreign clientele consultancy and IP portfolio management. Parallel, she becomes a sworn translator and interpreter of notaries in the Turkish Republic and is a registered court expert in IP matters.


Dilek is bundling her national and international experiences in IP Law gained from prestigious international clients and their projects and is specialized in trademark and patent matters by applying her experiences in enforcing registered and unregistered trademark rights across the world under the roof of Orbis Vista.


She has published dozens of articles on Turkish IP systems in several newspapers and magazines and has attended several seminars as a speaker.


She speaks Turkish, German, French and English.